About Desert Thunder Squadron (DTS)

About Desert Thunder Squadron (DTS)

The Desert Thunder

Squadron (DTS)

The Desert Thunder Squadron (DTS)is an Alumni Association of the Honorary Commanders and retired Air Force veterans, known as “Afterburners” of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Tucson Arizona . As Honorary Commanders we were connected to Squadrons, Groups or Detachments and we continue to be engaged. As members of the DTS, we now support the base as a whole with our personal and professional talents and resources and serve the DMAFB Airmen and Missions at a moment’s notice.

About Davis-Monthan

Air Force Base

Located in the heart of Tucson, Arizona, Davis-Monthan Air Force base is home to 11,000 airmen from 34 unique mission partners, which support six combatant commanders around the globe every day. Over the years, Davis-Monthan AFB has earned a proud history of distinction and most recently was awarded the 2018 Commander in Chief’s Annual Award for Installation Excellence as the Best Base in the Air Force.

The 355th Wing is the host unit for the installation in addition to its primary mission of deploying, employing and sustaining Combat Search and Rescue, and Attack Air Power in support of combatant commanders anywhere in the world.

Additionally, Davis-Monthan AFB is home to 12th Air Force, The 309TH Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group, The 214TH Attack Group of the Arizona National Guard, 943rd Rescue Group of the Air Force Reserve, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection among many others.

The base and the City of Tucson have grown and thrived together over the years. As the third largest employer in the area, the more and 46,000 men and women that make up Davis-Monthan AFB contribute more than $2.6 Billion to the local economy annually.


On September 23, 1927, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base was formally dedicated in honor of Lieutenants Samuel H. Davis and Oscar

Monthan, two Tucson aviators who died in separate plane crashes after World War I. Charles Lindbergh, who months earlier crossed the Atlantic in the “Spirit of St. Louis”, formally dedicated Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. This was a proud moment for our city of Tucson and the commitment to aviation. At that opening on September 23, 1927, Davis-Monthan Field became the largest municipal-owned airport in the nation. Our city’s continued commitment to the military and Davis-Monthan Air Force base began on October 6, 1927 when Staff Sergeant Dewey Simpson transferred the military aircraft refueling and service operations from the old municipal airport to the newly dedicated Davis-Monthan Field. At that time, only two military personnel were assigned to the field.

Today, Davis-Monthan continues to be an economic driver for Tucson. DTS is honored to support these men, women, and families as they serve the United States Air Force!

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